CCS Offers Early Virus Detection

(PRWEB) February 6, 2006 — Fast-spreading viruses are a major problem for virus scanners. No wonder some sites are dedicated to rate these products measuring the time is takes to discover and actually defend against a new tread. Sadly, the truth is it’s always too late for some of us. The nature of common virus detection depends on a pattern file that needs to be updated to detect the new virus and to block it. Time counts; typically hours go by and sometimes even days before the new pattern file becomes available…and then everybody wants it at the same time. Clearly, that’s not an acceptable solution.

Now there is a new way of handling unknown virus treads. The new CENTRAL CHECKSUM SERVICE filter in XWall is just the tool you have been waiting for. We’ve seen many viruses literally outrun the virus scanner. At best, one of the Norton’s & Co. would claim to be the fastest to stop the virus, but that was after the virus did billions in damage. The XWall Central Checksum Service is very different and much faster.

Each e-mail the XWall e-mail control filter receives is analyzed for spam or standard virus content. That requires XWall to assemble the message. Once that is done, XWall calculates a checksum value of the message body and transmits the checksum to the central server. Since XWall is a very popular spam filter, the central checksum server gets millions of checksums. After the CCS logs the delivered checksum, it tells the client with XWall how often that checksum was seen in the past hour. If that number is higher than the threshold you set, the message will be blocked. The CCS service is lighting fast. Typically, the speed of a DNSBL or SLS service and even servers handling e-mail for thousands of users will not experience a noticeable slowdown.

All the serious virus outbreaks in the past have one thing in common. They spread fast. That means there where literally millions of virus messages with the same content floating all over the place. Just imagine if your server uses the XWall CCS and there is a virus outbreak in Europe at 8:00 AM their time. Your XWall server will start seeing these virus messages along with thousands of other XWall filters. The CCS will log them, and within minutes, your mail server will be protected from the virus. All this while you turn in your bed and keep snoring.

Of course, the CCS also detects massive spam mailing and blocks them as well. XWall includes numerous other filters and successfully blocks spam and viruses for many corporations, schools and institutions. Typically, XWall can lower your mail server load by 80%. XWall is available as a software or hardware solution. It installs directly on your Exchange server or can be deployed on it’s on system. It is licensed per server with an unlimited user count.

Please visit for more information. XWall is available as software only solution or as turn key appliance.

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