A Third Frontier of Your Security

The first obstacle for harmful programs on the way to your computer is a firewall, which prevents it from penetration. The second frontier is an antivirus program, which accomplishes scanning of all files on your computer searching for known viruses. Keylogger Hunter may definitely become a third frontier, which would guarantee full information security.

This program neither limits access to the computer from the World Web (use a firewall for that), nor it searches for viruses (antivirus software will do that). It simply bars hook-based keyloggers from gathering information about the keys you press.

Usage of such programs is of great significance. It is especially true for those users who attach the importance of information entered to the computer with the help of the keyboard (credit card numbers, private and official letters, etc), and are ready to spend up on a third frontier of information security. Keylogger Hunter does not require regular database updating, since it is based on a different principle. All new features will be easily available to all registered users, as we provide you with perpetual free updates.

Do you wonder how Keylogger Hunter works? Generally speaking, the program is wedged between a keylogger and Windows, thus preventing data gathering by a keylogger.

This additional security frontier will make your work on the Web (which teem with different ubiquitous spyware!) much safer.

Pricing and Availability

Keylogger Hunter runs under Windows 2000/XP and costs $29.95 (USD).

Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. A 30-day evaluation version is available as a free download at


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