StrongBit and 9Rays Partner In The War Against Software Piracy

Crackers attack thousands of security and protection systems every day, with no company too small to be targeted. Software protection inventors are fighting back against crackers, and it is an endless war. For security companies it is simply “A la guerre comme a la guerre” or Business is Business-¦

Representatives from Inc and StrongBit Technology today announced an exciting partnership. In order to combat the ever-advancing underworld of crackers, and to meet many developers’ requests to both companies, they have come together to form a new innovative product. The goal of creating a flexible, multi-layer, universal software copy protection and licensing system, based on a combination of encryption and code obfuscation techniques and aimed at prevention and protection. The new product will be able to combat the latest and future software threats with ease, including: reverse engineering tricks, cracks and illegal use. Now for the first time ever it will be compatible with different programming platforms and environments. While the announcement of the partnership just occurred today, the product itself has been in development state for quite some time Both project participants are planning to launch the beta-version in the near future.

StrongBit Technology- Specializing in windows applications copy protection and licensing systems plans to combine their famous protection techniques with who currently specializes in .Net software protection and decompilation. Both groups are finally combining efforts in development of a collaborative, cross-platform, software copy protection and license management solution.

Both 9Rays and StrongBit are known by their current anti-cracking tools using encryption and “protection by obfuscation” principles in application protection and license management. Until recently these great products were always for different programming platforms or compilers. StrongBit EXECryptor is intended for protection of 32bit executable files written in Basic, Delphi, and C/C++. Spices.Obfuscator from 9Rays it is oriented to protection of .Net applications.

Based off of in-depth private scientific research in software reverse engineering, analysis, and cracks StrongBit (part of SoftComplete Development) developed an innovative approach to software protection based on various techniques including their renown code obfuscation method coined “Code Morphing’. Professionals have used this technique as a complete solution in software copy protection and license management. The EXECryptor 2.x series that combines “code morphing’ obfuscation with program code encryption launched two years ago, in July 2004. As a result of some of the best protection schemes in the industry, today it has the reputation of “uncrackable software protection” with an open challenge to crackers. Today it is at the top of software protection and licensing tools, with one of the longest standing uncrackable records to date.

The 9Rays’ Spices.Obfuscator one of Spice.Net suite components is a .Net code protection tool that offers the wide range of technologies to protect .Net code and intellectual properties. Spice.Net comes with five components – Obfuscator, Decompiler, Modeler, Investigator and Documenter. Other features of this technology are automatic size optimization and additional options like assembly merging, adding managed resources, self-installation and encryption features. Thus, Spices.Net does the entire cycle of assembly processing – obfuscation, optimization, and verification of the generated assemblies, with both a .Net Framework and Compact Framework versions and also a Console version.

About Allies:

1) 9Rays.Net is know for partnering with several groups of developers with each group offering its own unique product line. These high-skilled professionals have joined their efforts to achieve better marketing results and to provide the best possible quality product.

9Rays.Net has gained wide experience on the tools and components market, developing high-quality products for the following platforms: Microsoft. NET (Windows.Forms and ASP.Net), Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, ActiveX. The company’s primary product focus is on development of ..Net tools and components compatible with Visual Studio .Net, C# Builder, Delphi.Net and other IDE’s for .Net Framework.

2) StrongBit is a SoftComplete Development division specialized in anti-reversal, anti-crack, and anti-piracy software protection private scientific research and development, creators of the famous EXECryptor Software copy protection and HardKey software license management products. SoftComplete Development specializes in creating software protection & license management systems, fuzzy text processing and other developer solutions. 9Rays.Net StrongBit

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