Protegrity Broadens Data Security Management Reach With Defiance 4.1

Protegrity Corporation today released the newest version of the industry’s most comprehensive security product, Defiance Security Software Suite 4.1.

Protegrity’s Defiance 4.1 is the only data and application security suite designed to protect enterprise data from acquisition to deletion, and at all the points where data is accumulated and where organizations are most exposed. As recent, highly public data breaches show, organizations must address sophisticated attacks on business applications and data by implementing an all-encompassing approach to data protection.

To help enterprise clients achieve their business security objectives while complying with regulatory and legislative directives, Protegrity has made a powerful product even stronger by broadening functionality in the DPS and TMS components of the Defiance suite.

Defiance DPS is the high-performance, enterprise-class solution protecting sensitive data in applications, databases, archives and storage from internal and external threats. New to DPS is:

· Defiance XC – delivering strong encryption and control to a broad range of enterprise applications and legacy systems, integrating application-level security in a Defiance-managed environment. DPS centrally controls the enforcement, auditing, and reporting functions of Defiance XC services. Deploying Defiance XC in the enterprise allows multiple applications and legacy systems to share its security services, thus lowering the total cost of security ownership.

Defiance TMS is a leading Web application security solution that shields inbound and outbound use of Web applications from security breaches. The new features in Defiance TMS 4.1 make web applications safer than ever through expanded security filtering and administration. Major additions include:

· New Brute Force Security Filter – prevents automated trial-and-error hacking techniques from discovering and compromising protected names, passwords, cryptographic keys, and other sensitive information.
· LDAP Injection Security – combats attacks on a broad range of database directory services.
· New Operations Dashboard View – this new Dashboard View enables security staff at-a-glance control, and broader, more granular, information on Defiance server activity, and security events.

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