Internet Cleanup 4.0 for Macintosh released

Smith MicroSoftware announced Internet Cleanup 4.0 for Macintosh, the latest version of the popular software that protects users’ privacy and enhances their Internet experience. Internet Cleanup’s comprehensive solution blocks users private information from being transmitted over the Internet without their approval, helps manage Instant Messenger (IM) chat logs, selectively blocks Flash ads, and gives users greater control over their Internet experience.

Internet Cleanup 4.0 contains a powerful array of features for Mac users:

– Personal Info Protector provides users with a secure place to store all account numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information. It eliminates the high-risk of using unprotected sticky notes or spreadsheets to store easily forgotten but important information, and prevents it from being transmitted across the Internet.

– MailCleaner now includes Smart Rules. Smart rules allow users to create search criteria that can filter out or find email attachments based upon file name, sender, file size, date, time and more.

– MailCleaner allows users to organize or delete Apple Mail attachments by moving them to selected folders.
those that compromise privacy.

– Instant Messenger Log Cleaner finds and deletes instant messaging chat logs for major IM applications to keep conversations private.

– Network SpyAlert immediately stops programs from sending data to the Internet without the user’s permission.

– SecureDelete (TM) acts like a digital document shredder, completely removing private files so they cannot be recovered from a hard disk, even with special disk recovery tools.

– Internet Cleanup clears away hidden files that show outsiders which Web pages, sites, and images were viewed. It can automatically delete unwanted cookies and protect the cookies users want.

The MSRP for Internet Cleanup 4.0 is $29.99. Download a Free trial version at

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