Double Password security manager announced

Refog Software announces the release of Double Password, a new security manager, which creates your security token on your flash drive (or other USB gadget, such as an MP3 player, PDA or even a USB-pluggable mobile handset.) This device becomes the key to your OS. Double Password makes sure that no one can interfere with the work of your computer or get access to your data. Not resting on laurels, Double Password goes further: it encrypts your password, which can accompany your security token. The result of this is that no external spy program can intercept your password. This is attained thanks to a special “double-bottom” password which Double Password applies to protect your computer. This means that you enter one password, but the program remembers another (it remembers it in a special encrypted way, which cannot be seen from the outside).

Double Password demonstrates real flexibility in the choice of the security level you may need: low, medium and high. “Low” means that protection is actually not active and all users can get access to your computer. “Medium” means that a user can log into your OS only with the help of a special security token (total security is guaranteed as you resort to the described “double-bottom” password). “High” is similar to “Medium”, however in this case you cannot even work if your security token is out. Another merit of the program is its simplicity and elegance. Double Password ultimately solves many problems: you do not need to use a password generator (this is solved by a password encryption mechanism) and you do not need to buy an extra security token.

Double Password Features:

– Any USB-pluggable device can become your security token
– No password generator needed, yet passwords are impossible to guess
– Three levels of security
– A clear user interface.

Pricing and Availability

Double Password runs under Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP and costs
$29.95 (USD). A demo version of the program is available as a free download at (2 mb)

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