CP Secure Content Security Gateway available with Websense Web Security Suite

Websense, Inc. and CP Secure, Inc., announced today that the CP Secure Content Security Gateway (CSG) appliance is now available integrated with Websense Web Security Suite software. This joint solution combines best-of-breed web security capabilities from Websense and CP Secure to provide comprehensive web filtering security, web anti-malware scanning, and policy controls for customers seeking advanced, layered protection against web-based spyware, viruses, and other malware.

CP Secure’s CSG appliances enable pass-through web security capabilities for Websense Web Security Suite at the internet gateway through an off-the-box integration. CP Secure’s stream-based scanning technology scans high volumes of web and SSL-encrypted web traffic in real-time for all known spyware and viruses, without turning the internet gateway into a network bottleneck. Stream-based scanning is the first and only scanning architecture designed from the ground up to protect real-time internet traffic against today’s web-based threats. The CSGs also provide e-mail security features such as e-mail anti-malware scanning and anti-spam for comprehensive security against blended internet threats.

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