SECUDE secure notebook with additional functionality

SECUDE secure notebook 7.2 – the latest version of its popular security solution, with an extended range of features for greater all round security.

SECUDE secure notebook reliably protects notebooks, desktops and external mass storage devices from unauthorised access. Unlike other solutions it encrypts the entire hard disk rather than just individual files or folders, which means it protects temporary files, swap files and even the operating system itself.

A new feature with version 7.2 is the encryption of hibernation files (the files that a notebook creates just before entering hibernation mode); eliminating the possibility of attack by this route and guaranteeing full protection in all circumstances.

An integrated boot manager enables the configuration of separate windows partitions for using different versions of Windows the same hard drive. This gives users a separate area of the drive that can be used for private, non-business use without compromising official security policies.

SECUDE secure notebook Version 7.2 now also offers a Plug-In for BartPE; the Windows recovery system that boots and runs from CD. It supports the creation of an emergency recovery disk (ERD), which can be used to secure data for emergency cases, preventing loss; as well as getting the notebook running after a system crash.

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