AirPcap USB 2.0 WLAN packet capture device available

CACE Technologies announced the release of AirPcap USB 2.0 WLAN packet capture device for Windows. The device enables troubleshooting tools like Wireshark and WinDump to provide information about the wireless protocols and radio signals.

The AirPcap adapter, together with the Wireshark Network Analyzer, gives you a detailed view on the 802.11 traffic, including control frames (ACK, RTS, CTS), management frames (Beacon, Probe requests and responses, Association/Disassociation, Authentication/Deauthentication) and data frames. The captured frames include the 802.11 Frame Check Sequence, and it’s possible to capture frames with an invalid FCS to spot remote access points with a weak signal.

It also captures per-packet power and rate information which is useful for mapping your network, detecting weak signal areas and measuring the transmission efficiency of the stations.

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