New versions of Panda Software corporate solutions

Panda Software releases new versions of its security suites for enterprises (Panda EnterpriSecure 2006 with TruPrevent Technologies) and SMBs (Panda BusinesSecure 2006 with TruPrevent Technologies). These versions include significant innovations, such as new advanced antirootkit technology, and performance has been optimized, so that the protection has a minimal impact on computers.

The main innovations incorporated in these new versions include:

– Higher scalability, as the new versions allow up to 25,000 computers to be updated per hour.

– Protection against rootkits (techniques for hiding malware) in workstations and file servers.

– Network access control of computers that do not meet the company’s security policies and which are now detected by NetworkSecure, without needing to install any software on the audited computer.

These and other functions incorporated in the solutions provide better and more efficient protection of corporate networks against Internet threats, especially in terms of performance, as memory usage has improved by over 15 percent, resulting in immediate benefits for users, such as:

– Quicker startup of computers.

– Through an improved installer, the solutions adapt the protection to the computer based on the RAM available.

– They stop processes related to protecting the computer that are not required at a given time, significantly saving on system resources.

The new 2006 corporate solutions simplify protection of the entire network, integrating all functions in a flexible interface that is easy to use and with minimum resource usage. What’s more, the AdminSecure console can be complemented with third-party tools through a powerful SDK (Software Development Kit). The integration of technologies in a single solution provides companies with efficient protection, which prevents loss of productivity. The centralized security administration console reduces management time, as on-demand scans can be performed on various computers at the same time, for example. All of these benefits provide a rapid return on investment (ROI), allowing companies to focus on achieving their own objectives.

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