Blue Coat ships Blue Coat RA appliances

Blue Coat Systems announced that it has begun to ship its new Blue Coat RA appliances for secure remote access with integrated endpoint security. More comprehensive than a conventional SSL VPN product, Blue Coat RA appliances include capabilities for on-demand connectivity for both Web and non-Web applications; keylogger and frame grabber detection and suppression; active information control; host integrity checks; and browser security.

Blue Coat RA offers active information controls that prevent functions such as Print, Print Screen, Save and certain clipboard operations that might expose sensitive data. In addition, Blue Coat RA-enabled sessions encrypt all information stored by the browser, including the cache, cookies and application temp files, and then clear it at the end of the session using DoD 5220.22-spec file deletion. Steak “n Shake IT has control over what users can do with the information they access and can prevent the unintentional loss of sensitive corporate data, such as a user inadvertently leaving information on a public machine. 
Host Integrity Checks and Browser Security Blue Coat RA can check a variety of parameters on the host computer as a condition to allowing remote access. Checks include personal firewall settings, anti-virus software updates, operating system patches and service packs, and more. These checks can trigger various actions which can be applied on a very granular basis according to company policy. Actions include, preventing application access until updates and settings conform to company requirements, or restricting access to only certain applications, including, perhaps, the IT Helpdesk server. Blue Coat RA also provides tools to create customized host checking, including registry settings, processes running, processes that should be running but are not, the existence of certain files or applications, and more.

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