Check Point achieves EAL 4 U.S. Government certification

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced that the NGX version of VPN-1 Power and UTM has been certified against the Common Criteria EAL 4 certification for VPN and IDS/IPS by the National Information Assuance Partnership (NIAP), a United States government initiative of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies and the National Security Agency after testing by the U.S.-based SAIC Common Criteria Testing Laboratory. Check Point, a sponsor of the seventh annual ICCC conference, has certified all four critical network security categories — firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, and remote management — which provide agencies for governments worldwide with an integrated, proven security solution.

The Internet has enabled a transformation in the way governments function and communicate. Remote offices and mobile personnel are now able to connect to the distributed information resources they need. Although more convenient, the emergence of the Internet has spawned the growth of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, which now spread faster, do more damage, and are more difficult to contain. Check Point’s solutions, such as VPN-1, Provider-1 and SmartCenter, better enable government organizations to ensure network resources are available, while providing protection from those with malicious intent.

“Check Point’s unified security architecture provides greater flexibility for decision-making and can enhance the range and effectiveness of possible responses to an attack,” said Dean Pace, federal sales manager, Check Point Software Technologies. “This most recent certification validates that our solutions meet and exceed the stringent requirements established by internationally-recognized government standards, government approval processes and security industry tests and protect at all levels.”

Governments around the world are looking to streamline processes and their IT networks for better communication while staying secure. By helping governments across the globe, as well as enterprises large and small, standardize on technology and reduce security sprawl, Check Point enhances the value of implementing an integrated solution that changes the economics of security in the short and long term.

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