F-Secure announces Internet Security 2007

F-Secure Corporation announced today the release of Internet Security 2007. Available for download today and available on retail shelves starting October 31st, F-Secure Internet Security 2007 makes it easier for customers to take care of the wellness of their computers and to protect their families and their most valuable digital assets.

The risk of previously unknown zero-day threats being able to do damage is greatly reduced through the new F-Secure DeepGuard technology. Instead of just analyzing new programs once when they enter the system, F-Secure DeepGuard also will persistently monitor the behavior of software in a real-time mode, scanning for suspicious program behavior and stopping activities that might pose a risk. Competing one-time-only solutions cannot offer the same level of protection as it is possible for malicious code-writers to obfuscate, encrypt or pack the code in ways that prevent the one-time solutions from detecting it – and once the file has passed it will be free to do anything it wants.

Unlike most competing proactive detection technologies, F-Secure DeepGuard uses advanced real-time heuristics and works quietly in the background. It uniquely combines several proactive technologies together, bringing an unprecedented level of protection against any previously unknown threats.

In recognition of the increasing threat of spyware, F-Secure has improved its detection rates and removal capabilities by adding another spyware engine solution to F-Secure Internet Security 2007. The integration has been enhanced to include target scanning, in addition to real-time scanning and manual system scans.

F-Secure Internet Security continues to offer proactive protection for content sensitive family members thanks to the improved parental control application. Access to the Internet can be limited according to individually configurable content based predefinitions. F-Secure Internet Security 2007 now has three different Parental Control Profiles: Child (White listed sites only), Teenager (Content Based Filtering) and Parent (Full Access). Anything falling outside of the parameters set by these profiles is automatically blocked. As before, parents can also exercise their discretion over the time used by their children on the Internet using the Time Lock feature.

Web traffic is a typical entry port for malware. Most recently, malware concealed in website images have been shown to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft applications. Web traffic can now be scanned for viruses and the harmful content blocked from reaching the user system already at protocol level with the new web scanning feature in F-Secure Internet Security 2007.
Furthermore the solution includes a number of additional security features and improvements: Unprecedented protection against rootkit malware with F-Secure BlackLight technology; Improved spam detection and performance thanks to an upgraded engine version; Anti-phishing for emails; Minimized usage of network bandwidth through improved database update mechanisms; Improved solution and system performance through reduced use of system resources; Smoother installation experience through added guidance for users when installing for the first time.

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