Sophos extends application control to block distributed computing programs

Sophosas given companies the ability to control employees’ use of distributed computing applications on corporate networks, following concerns that these programs can affect network performance. Such programs include SETI@Home and the BBC Climate Change Experiment.

A survey conducted by Sophos reflects the concern that distributed computing applications are causing system administrators. 89.3 percent of respondents said they want to control usage of such programs on their networks.*

SETI@Home (a scientific experiment which uses millions of computers around the world to analyse radio telescope data in the search for extra terrestrial intelligence) and the BBC Climate Change Experiment (which studies global warming) are just two of the applications that businesses can now set a usage policy for in the workplace. The programs use networked computing resources which are not in use, for complex data-crunching, and involve the receipt and transmission of information to and from third parties.

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