GTB Technologies unveils Data at Rest protection solution

GTB Data at Rest Manager (DARM) is a software application that scans computers on an enterprise network and detects sensitive data, stored outside of appropriate locations, while incorporating the same intrinsic detection technology as the company’s flagship product, GTB Inspector.

GTB DARM protects actual data, rather than only its specific representation (a file or a database) and is capable of detecting the sensitive data even if it was heavily modified, converted to another format, extracted, compressed or changed in many other ways. In fact, the principles of precise detection, uncompromised security and ease of use and maintenance are preserved in both GTB products.

According to Uzi Yair, chief executive officer of GTB Technologies, businesses, government agencies, and other institutions are increasingly concerned about the ever-present threat posed by violators to data at rest. “In order to keep data at rest from being accessed, stolen, or altered by unauthorized people, security measures such as the GTB Data at Rest Manager must be used,” Yair noted.

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