Nevis Networks launches identity-based LAN security solutions in the UK

Nevis Networks has announced its formal entry into the European market. The company has opened a UK office in London with the appointment of Matthew Nunney as European Managing Director. Nunney will be responsible for Nevis’ business and channel development initiatives.

Nevis Networks is focused on addressing the growing security threats posed by both managed and unmanaged users connecting to enterprise networks. For example, inappropriate accessing of network resources by employees and 3rd parties connecting to the network can result in the loss of intellectual property or other confidential information. As such, ensuring that users are identified and that access to the network is controlled by policies has become a critical requirement within the enterprise.

The Nevis LANenforcer product family has been designed from the ground up to protect endpoints, users and the network itself from internal security threats before a user accesses the network and then after they have gained access. As such, LANenforcer builds a ‘personal DMZ’ around every individual on the network by adopting a multi-stage approach to securing the LAN.

The Nevis LANenforcer combines in a single appliance the fundamental tools needed for comprehensive, persistent LAN security. This includes endpoint integrity verification or NAC, identity-based access control, parallelised threat detection (stateful firewall, anomaly detection (traffic, protocol, behavioural), LAN-optimised signature matching), network layer threat protection, and microsecond threat quarantine.

A single LANenforcer appliance supports up to 1,000 users and maintains 10Gbps of security processing at wire speed. It is easily deployed into existing networks without the need to reconfigure VLANs. LANenforcer is also available as a secure access switch for users upgrading their network infrastructure.

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