New 802.11B/g module features enterprise class security and fast roaming

Socket Communications announced the availability of an 802.11b/g module and associated development kits to provide a world class WLAN hardware and software solution to its OEM customers. The 802.11b/g module supports multiple interfaces to provide added flexibility to OEM manufacturers requiring enterprise class WLAN solutions.

The newly implemented Socket fast roaming algorithm enables Wi-Fi based devices to seamlessly roam between access points in less than 200 milliseconds. This provides mobile users with the ability to have uninterrupted Voice over IP (VoIP) calls and a secure data connection while roaming in a closed WLAN environment. The fast roaming software is currently available free of charge to existing Socket CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) card users from the Socket support website.

Key Features:

· Fast roaming – Less than 200ms roaming enables an uninterrupted voice and data connection between multiple access points.
· Supports multiple interfaces (CF/SDIO/SPI/HPI/EHPI) – Enables flexibility in design consideration and broader market coverage
· Enterprise class security (WPA-2, AES) – Meets industry standards for enterprise security
· Power Save Mode – Longer battery life enables end-user device to work for 8-10 hours
· Bluetooth – WLAN co-existence ready
· Small Size – Smaller footprint enables OEM partners to package more components and features in single device.

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