Pointsec releases data encryption solution for Nokia E-Series

Pointsec Mobile Technologies released Pointsec for Symbian 3.0 S60 Edition, a new version of its security solution, offering strong data protection and access control for business users with Nokia Eseries handsets based on the S60 platform. Supported models include the Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62,  and Nokia E70. This is the first solution for protecting data stored on S60 device using real-time encryption.
Using Pointsec for Symbian 3.0 S60 Edition, sensitive information is automatically encrypted and decrypted on the fly, with no user interaction required. This major version release of Pointsec for Symbian is Open Mobile Alliance compliant, and comes with added support for the Intellisync Device Management solution from Nokia. In addition, Pointsec offers tools for centralized administration of encryption. Users who accidentally lock their devices can regain access by calling their helpdesk and completing the secure Remote Help challenge/response procedure with the Pointsec webRH product.

Pointsec for Symbian 3.0 S60 Edition provides protection for all kinds of information, including SMS and E-Mail messages, calendar, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files, and data on removable media. Pointsec for Symbian 3.0 S60 Edition supports central management using Pointsec profiles. Pointsec profiles enable IT and security management to create, change, and apply the organization’s security policies on all mobile users.

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