Secure Software Launches Application Security Accelerator Program

Secure Software launched the Application Security Accelerator Program designed to jump start and analyze security from within build-level software applications. The Accelerator solution ensures that corporations are taking preventive measures to protect corporate assets and adhere to compliance and organizational standards, while improving overall software application quality.

The Accelerator program enables organizations to advance their application security initiatives by delivering practical, core activities for quick results. The offering includes a secure design review, technology-assisted software code review, developer training and the identification and remediation of the top ten security vulnerabilities in an application’s source code base. The program is delivered by application security professionals experienced with large enterprises, with customers benefiting from Secure Software’s experience in deploying CLASP best practices, a respected methodology originated by the company.

“Enterprises today are under increasing pressure to ensure that their critical business applications safeguard customer information and are free from security defects. But the sheer number of applications means that enterprises must approach application risk management in a disciplined way,” said Andrew Jaquith of Yankee Group. “With application security, time to value is critical. Programs like Secure Software’s Accelerator bring immediate benefits by rapidly transferring critical skills and knowledge to customers.”

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