Control your privacy with newly released NetConceal Anonymizer v.4.7

NetConceal Inc. today announces the release of NetConceal Anonymizer v.4.7, the newest, most comprehensive version of the popular software, which hides IP address, providing anonymity and, as a result, security to anyone surfing the web or involved into any other Internet activity. NetConceal Anonymizer lets you use web browsers, instant messengers, P2P file sharing, e-mail and any other applications under condition of absolute anonymity – your real IP address is never shown.
NetConceal Anonymizer Multiple Features at a Glance:

– Real IP hidden: fully anonymous web surfing, IM, P2P, etc.
– Fake location: impossible to track user’s location and ability to bypass geo-location and demographical web site restrictions
– Ability to make anonymous forum posts
– Easily bypassing bans, un-banning yourself from forums, chats and other web sites
– Safe online dating – fully secure and anonymous
– Anonymous e-mail without ability to detect your real identity
– Secure purchases – e.g. from restricted countries while traveling abroad
– Avoiding content filtering and censorship – enforced by some governments and ISP – e.g. China, UAE, Iran (read independent news, watch movies, etc.)
– Access to restricted web sites – either blocked by ISP or someone else
– Playing games, including online gambling – under multiple identities
– Anonymous market research – access competitor’s web sites anonymously

NetConceal Anonymizer runs under Windows NT4.0/2000/2003/XP and costs $24.95for Standard version and $49.90for Pro version, which offers faster proxies and premium support service.

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