“Computers, Networks and Theft” report, part two

Kaspersky Lab has published the second half of a report entitled “Computers, Networks and Theft”. The first part of the article examined attacks on inividual users, and this second half examines attacks on companies, organizations and institutions.
The number of victims claimed each year by cybercriminals is increasing. In addition to this, the number of attacks on an organization’s clients will increase in relation to the popularity of the organization, e-payment system, e-exchange system etc. which is being targeted. Current trends show that attacks can only continue to increase, as will the range of malicious programs used by cybercriminals to conduct attacks. The report covers attacks designed to steal data from companies, blackmail and ransom demands, and provides overall recommendations. It also includes data from Kaspersky Lab to illustrate the current trends in malicious attacks on organizations.

The full text of the article is available online at the following link.

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