Aloaha releases Multicard Crypto Service Provider

Aloaha Software released the Aloaha Cryptographic Service Provider. Presented first on the Medica 2006 the Aloaha CSP is designed to open the limits of current CSPs; it supports a broad range of different smart cards such as the Belgium e-ID, the German Health Professional and Health card, the Swiss GS1 Card and more.

Usually every smartcard requires its own CSP. Even worse is the fact that several cards cannot be used on the same machine since the CSPs are not compatible with each other. With the introduction of the Aloaha Multicard CSP Aloaha removes the administrative burden of using different cards in one company and the expense of purchasing different licenses for those cards.

Aloaha Multicard CSP also features SSL Authentication and can be configured to run “in process” and “out of process”. With the Aloaha Multicard CSP, businesses of all sizes are able to heavily reduce reliance on cumbersome CSPs and ensure central support of the different smart cards used in the company.

“Since every CSP has to be digitally signed and approved by Microsoft we are very proud that we can now ship our CSP to our customers”, said Stefan Engelbert, Aloaha CTO.

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