BigFix announces Howard A. Schmidt as Chairman of Executive Advisory Council

BigFix Inc. announced the appointment of Howard A. Schmidt as chairman of the BigFix Executive Advisory Council. Schmidt brings almost 40 years of experience in corporate and government security to the role of company adviser. Schmidt has served as Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Security Strategist for eBay, as well as Chief Security Officer for Microsoft Corp., where he formed and directed the Trustworthy Computing Security Strategies Group. Most recently Schmidt served as Chief Security Strategist for the US-CERT Partners Program for the National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security.

“I am pleased to take an active advisory role with BigFix to enlarge the debate on how to effectively inoculate both commercial and government computing infrastructures against cyber-attacks,” said Howard A. Schmidt, President and CEO, R & H Security Consulting, LLC. “Organizations must do more than just respond to attacks; they must take proactive measures to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent crippling attacks using next-generation remediation solutions like BigFix. By providing a high-level forum for industry experts and security-focused senior executives to discuss effective preventive measures, business practices and cutting-edge security technologies, BigFix is empowering organizations with the means to best protect themselves from cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists.”

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