Sophos makes web surfing secure with launch of WS1000

Sophos launched the WS1000, the industry’s first web control platform designed to provide trusted content security, application control and URL filtering in a single appliance. The WS1000 appliance ensures a secure web browsing experience as it protects against all forms of malware and productivity threats, all with no negative effect on user experience.

The WS1000 is designed for organisations which require a complete platform-based solution from a trusted vendor that addresses all security needs including web-specific content security, application control and URL filtering. It answers these needs by defending against the three categories of threats – known, emerging and unknown – regardless of whether they are spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, adware or phishing attacks. Sophos’s WS1000 protection is powered by intelligence gathered from scanning billions of unique web pages, identifying more than 5,000 new malware-hosting URLs daily.

Additionally, the WS1000 includes Sophos Application Control, which allows administrators to quickly decide which applications are permitted on the network, thereby mitigating threat entry and managing bandwidth.

The WS1000 is currently available. List prices range from less than 5400 USD for 500 users per year to less than 8000 USD for 1000 users per year.

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