Vontu announces a new data loss prevention solution

Vontu announced the industry’s first integrated, enterprise-class Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to enable universal policy enforcement for data at rest, in motion and at the endpoint. The company’s major new product release, Vontu 7, delivers a broad array of capabilities, including content-aware monitoring of USB drives and other removable storage devices, new data-at-rest discovery features, Asian language detection, and enhanced workflow and reporting capabilities for the global enterprise. By securing the data itself, regardless of network boundaries, Vontu 7 provides security for the world of high-speed bandwidth, mobile devices and virtual organisations.

“The world has changed and it is time to rethink security,” said Vontu CEO Joseph Ansanelli. “We now do business in a wide open world with a virtually unlimited ability to share, store and use information. Vontu 7 allows organisations to manage policies universally for all major data types and risk points, extend coverage globally across national boundaries, and enforce the protection of data no matter where or when.”

The Vontu 7 suite enables organisations to safeguard intellectual property and other confidential data, whether it is located on servers, desktops and laptops (data at rest), exiting the network via email, web mail or other Internet protocols (data in motion) or copied to USB drives and other removable storage devices (data at the endpoint). The Vontu 7 suite comprises the following product components:

Data at Rest
– Vontu Discover scans file servers, desktops, laptops and other data repositories, including Lotus Notes and SQL databases, for confidential data that violates policy
– Vontu Protect secures confidential data at rest with the ability to automatically quarantine sensitive files

Data in Motion
– Vontu Network Monitor inspects all network communications for confidential data that violates data security policy
– Vontu Network Prevent proactively stops policy violations via email, web, secure web and FTP, and can also conditionally tag and route data to an encryption gateway for secure delivery

Data at the Endpoint
– Vontu Endpoint Monitor delivers visibility and control over confidential data on USB drives, CD-ROMs, iPods, and other removable media, as well as downloads to local drives

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