Imperva releases free database vulnerability scanner

Imperva announced Scuba by Imperva, a free database vulnerability scanner. Created by the Imperva Application Defense Center, Scuba by Imperva safely identifies and documents vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in production databases. Imperva will demonstrate Scuba by Imperva at the RSA 2007 Conference in San Francisco, February 5-9 at Booth 2632.

“Database vulnerability scanners help IT organizations simultaneously meet security and compliance requirements,” said Andrew Jaquith, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group. “Products like Scuba by Imperva identify database vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that can result in external data theft, internal abuse, and regulatory compliance issues.”

Databases are subject to security and compliance mandates because they contain sensitive information such as customer records, credit card numbers, and corporate financials. Database assessment is the first step in establishing a secure and compliant database infrastructure. Scuba by Imperva is a software utility specially designed to support the database assessment efforts of database, compliance, and information security professionals.

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