EarthLink delivers zero-day protection to its users

Keeping its commitment to providing consumers with a safe Internet experience, EarthLink added “zero-day protection” in the fight against spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and other threats with its upgraded Protection Control Center with Attack Shield.

Traditional antivirus solutions take a reactive approach to detecting and eliminating new viruses: they wait for an attack to infect a computer before arming consumers with updates that protect them from the latest threats. However, EarthLink’s “Attack Shield” technology is proactive: by utilizing Sana Security’s ( award-winning multi-behavioral security engine, the application is able to monitor in real-time the consumer’s PC to detect potential behaviors to determine if an installed program is malicious and remove it without requiring definition updates.

“The Internet has evolved into a collaborative communication platform and with each new vehicle or program — whether a blog post, IM message or downloaded video — comes the possibility of a new attack that may be maliciously exploited to steal a consumer’s personal information,” said Jonathan Young, EarthLink’s vice president of security software, subscription and services. “Our Protection Control Center with Attack Shield provides consumers with an extra layer of safety that pre-empts unknown viruses and online intruders that other antivirus solutions cannot.”


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