RSA 2007: SanDisk expands its enterprise solutions portfolio with TrustWatch

SanDisk introduced the TrustWatch integrated suite of applications that transform off-the-shelf USB flash drives from a security threat to a competitive advantage in the enterprise. The announcement was made at the RSA Conference 2007, where SanDisk is demonstrating its security products and solutions at Booth #2431 in the Moscone Center.

TrustWatch is built around a secure network appliance and a management console, through which IT administrators can easily configure and deploy secured USB flash drives (UFDs), while preventing information from being copied to unapproved devices. The TrustWatch solution allows the IT department to select from SanDisk’s line of standard flash drives for issue to employees.

UFDs centrally managed by the TrustWatch suite can securely store work-related information, and support remote access to email and other applications. On the road, employees can use a TrustWatch device on a borrowed PC without leaving any trace of their activity on that PC. If the UFDs are lost or stolen, their data can be remotely destroyed.

The TrustWatch suite has three components which together establish complete life-cycle management for UFDs:

* TrustWatch Access – Provides security on the UFD, including password protection. Integrates a secure browser, email client, spyware scanner, Citrix ICA Web client, optional VPN client, and data storage. Also creates an activity log tracking all data moving to and from approved UFDs.

* TrustWatch Vault – Establishes FIPS 140-2 certified encryption on the UFD, sufficient for HIPPA, SOX and other compliance regulations.

* TrustWatch Manager – Offers a browser-based centralized console to IT administrators, allowing them to remotely deploy, update, track, and disable thousands of UFDs.

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