RSA 2007: StarNet launches feature Rich SSH Client for Windows computers

StarNet Communications announced the release of StarNetSSH, a fully featured suite of connection security tools for Windows-based computers, including Windows Vista. StarNetSSH includes SSH terminal, Secure File Transfer, Secure Copy, Telnet, rlogin and KeyGen/KeyAgent facilities for the generation of public/private encryption key pairs.

StarNetSSH licenses list at $95 with volume discounts starting at 10 copies. Licenses come with free tech support for life and one year of free upgrades. StarNet offers free engineering support for fixing bugs and implementing customer-requested features and other enhancements.

With StarNetSSH, StarNet continues to deploy its strategy of offering a low-cost, simple-to-use solution that offers leading edge performance and innovative features. StarNetSSH features include:

” Simple Installation: StarNetSSH offers a professional MSI install engine that installs all seven functional components and the StarNetSSH Help in a single install.
” Update Tool: StarNetSSH features an auto-update tool that alerts users when a new build with bug fixes and new features is available for download. Updates with bug fixes become available to customers within hours of completion.
” Simple User Interface: StarNetSSH offers a simple graphics-based user interface for configuration of SSH Sessions and generating public/private key pairs.
” Modern File Structure: StarNetSSH stores all user-defined configurations in the XML file format, as opposed to the more problem-plagued System Registry format used by other SSH solutions. This means users can easily transfer their StarNetSSH session configurations to another computer.
” PuTTY Session Migration. StarNetSSH will automatically convert exiting PuTTY sessions to StarNetSSH sessions.

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