Keepyousafe.Com launches free secure file transfer service announced the beta launch of a free service which enables consumers and businesses to easily send and receive sensitive files and protect those files with one of the strongest encryption technologies available.

The spreadsheets, presentations, documents and images attached to emails often contain highly sensitive information. People assume that e-mail is private but security experts agree that it’s not a good idea to send confidential data unprotected via email. Messages can be intercepted by and read while in transit, or stored for months or longer on Internet Service Providers’ servers.

The only way to truly protect sensitive information transmitted by e-mail is to encrypt it. But encryption applications can be difficult to use, and both sender and recipient typically need to use the same application to successfully decode the protected files.

“As with our free Online Safe Deposit Boxes for storing vital personal information, we wanted to make strong encryption available to users who may not have the technical know-how or the desire to manually encrypt and decrypt messages,” said Wolbrom. “ is focused on offering services that make it easy for people to use the best security technologies to protect their personal information.”

Documents stored on’s servers are protected using military-grade encryption (256-bit AES) – one of the highest levels of encryption available. It would take 149 trillion years to crack a 128-bit encryption key, according to recent studies, so you can only imagine how long it would take to crack a 256-bit key.

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