Truston announces Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery Service

Truston announced the availability of myTruston, an online, interactive set of identity theft protection tools designed to help victims and aid in preventing and recovering from ID theft. The MyTruston service not only helps individuals discover identity theft, but assists victims in recovering from fraud when they find problems—all without requiring the disclosure of sensitive personal data.

Truston provides the only Web-based ID theft recovery service that does not put the victim at future risk by requiring the disclosure of personally identifiable data such as credit card or social security numbers. An email address is the only information required to access and use the service. Through the use of MyTruston’s free credit inspecting services and its premium, fee-based ID theft recovery services, victims and potential victims are able to safeguard their good name.

“As a victim of identity theft I have experienced the complicated, time-intensive process of recovering from ID theft first-hand,” said Tom Fragala, CEO of Truston. “Most people, like me, spend dozens of hours recovering from theft. With the help of MyTruston, knowing what resources are available and how to access them dramatically reduces the recovery time, financial cost, and emotional impact associated with ID theft.”

Credit inspecting services are free. Identity theft recovery services are available for a $19.99 per month subscription.

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