Back up and synch data with Beyond Sync 1.3.2

Fevosoft has announced the immediate availability of Beyond Sync 1.3.2., a data synchronization and backup tool for Windows OS. Priced at $34.95, the program will help users synchronize data between two directories, or back up files to any secure location, be it a hard disk drive, network folder, external disks, laptop, etc.

With Beyond Sync in place, synchronization becomes a fun ride. Even beginners will be able to configure and start their first synchronization task in mere minutes as the program’s interface is so well-organized and friendly. To set up a new task, there is an intuitive wizard where users specify source and target folders, synchronization direction (A to B, B to A, or both ways), and add exclusion/inclusion filters simply by selecting the appropriate items with the mouse. Along with the wizard, the simplicity of the program is further enhanced by a side-by-side comparison window, allowing users to see the differences between synchronized folders at one glance.

Users can opt to specify some advanced settings along with the basic ones when they are setting up a task. For example, they may choose to enable logging of synch tasks, specify the maximum number of threads for file transfer, and configure the behavior for the situations when synch conflicts occur. In addition to this, Beyond Sync can be configured to perform a byte-to-byte verification of synchronized files. Once the task is set up, the program will execute synchronization lightning fast. The latter is possible thanks to the multiple threads file transferring, which allows synchronizing many files at a time. Even if the program is set to synchronize multiple files or files of large sizes, the processing speed will not degrade much.

Some other important features in Beyond Sync include command line support and schedule support that enables users to have synchronization tasks executed automatically at specified time intervals provided that this action has been specified in the scheduler. Beyond Sync is perfect for ordinary users who value speed and simplicity and power user, who have advanced synchronization needs and value control and speed alike.

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