First virus that automatically changes your blog comments and web-based emails

Secure Computing warns that blogs, bulletin boards and webmail are now being spammed with messages to visit a website to view “fun” videos.

Secure Computing has discovered a website containing a variant of the Storm worm. The worm installs a component on a user’s machine that analyzes all network traffic via a layered service provider (LSP) integration and dynamically modifies blog comments, discussion posts and webmail-based emails as they are being posted by the user to include a link to the malicious code, thereby propagating itself to other victims.

“This signifies a new trend in malware that is spread through blogs, message boards and web-based email,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, Principal Research Scientist, Secure Computing. “And this threat is particularly insidious in that anti-virus detection doesn’t always work. This threat utilizes server polymorphism, which means that it is continuously being repackaged to make the binary appear different to signature-based anti-virus solutions.” With the executable file being changed continuously, it easily sneaks below the radar of the leading anti-virus programs, which are largely signature-based.

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