KoolSpan debuts SecurEdge 4.0 multi-factor authentication technology

KoolSpan announced general availability of SecurEdge 4.0, the fourth generation of its award-winning and industry leading multi-factor authentication technology.

SecurEdge 4.0 features a redesigned .NET management application enabling intuitive and robust administration. Other features include: ability to attach to an LDAP source for client key assignments, allowing the administrator to connect to an LDAP source, and use “drag and drop” functions to assign users from the LDAP server to a client key.

From data centers to enterprises nationwide, KoolSpan’s two-factor authentication solutions can be used to secure VoIP calls, provide protected remote access without a VPN, secure Wi-Fi in offices and public hotspots, and secure Ethernet for multi-site bridging or backbone encryption across private or public networks.

Other SecurEdge 4.0 technology features include:

” Support to secure Dial-Up Networking types of connections including Wireless Broadband adapters (EVDO) and traditional analog modems.
” Addition of an “Access level” feature, enabling administrators to assign access levels to users and locks.
” When a lock’s access level is set to Restricted mode, only users with high enough access level may authenticate.
” This feature may be used for mission critical times, when it is imperative to restrict access to critical users only.
” Preservation of original Quality of Service (QoS) bits in IP headers added for locks.

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