Information security spending podcast

Intellitactics announced a new series of podcasts entitled “First Person” that will cover ten topics related to enterprise security management and feature experts in the area of management, compliance, and security technology. The first podcast in the series is “Security Spending On The Rise – How to Justify Spending and Communicate Effective Programs.” 

Khalid Kark, Senior Security Analyst with Forrester Research, discusses the state of security spending in North America. Central to his guidance is how to use security metrics, actionable reports, and proactive security practices to get more from security spending and justify future investment.

“Companies and federal agencies alike are discovering that spending more doesn’t necessarily translate into increased security effectiveness,” explains Pamela Casale, Chief Marketing Officer with Intellitactics. “Security continues to be a top priority, but there is never enough money or resources to do everything. Forrester’s advice and guidance is valuable for every manager who is looking to increase visibility for security programs.”

The podcast will be available beginning March 13, 2007 at 9:00AM EST on the following link.

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