ComputraceOne theft recovery solution launched in Europe

Absolute today announced the release of its ComputraceOne security solution for the EMEA market. ComputraceOne provides an effective and efficient solution for organisations to combat loss and theft of mobile computing assets, and to protect the data thereon from falling into the wrong hands.

Over the past ten years, Absolute has proven its theft recovery capabilities and recovered more than 1,000 stolen computers in 2006 alone. The process works as follows: When a ComputraceOne equipped computer is reported stolen, the ComputraceOne agent sends a silent signal to Absolute’s Monitoring Centre, providing critical location information. To ensure a signal is received, the stealthy ComputraceOne agent has been designed to survive accidental or deliberate attempts to remove or disable it. Using the data collected from the agent, Absolute’s Recovery Team recovered more than 1,000 stolen laptops in 2006 by working with local law enforcement in attempt to recover the computer and return it to its owner.

The ComputraceOne agent can also be instructed to delete the data post-theft to protect valuable information from getting into the wrong hands. Data Delete can also be used to safely wipe sensitive information when retiring machines at the end of their lifecycle or when changing users.

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