Manage everyday life information securely from cell phones

CellTrust Corporation announced the immediate availability of CellTrust WALLET beta, its automated, secure software and subscription service offering for cell phones. CellTrust WALLET gives consumers the ability to use their cell phones to proactively prevent fraud and identity theft; manage personal account information, including real-time flight and travel information, finances/banking, as well as retail accounts; and to securely purchase goods and services anywhere, anytime.

Satisfying this growing consumer and business demand, CellTrust WALLET is built on CellTrust’s advanced, Internet-based Secure Mobile Information Management technology platform that ensures flexible management of personal account data. CellTrust WALLET operates using patent-pending Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) technology and CellTrust’s Micro Agent Technology, which resides on the cell phone. CellTrust Advanced Mobile Services provides for secure two-way communication between the cell phone and a personal CellTrust website — Other requisite mobile security standards such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) allow data encryption between and the cell phone, optional password protection, and Verisign mobile security certification.

With CellTrust Wallet, consumers who have established online personal accounts with retail and business organizations can now use their cell phones to access, manage, and receive information from these personal accounts. With their cell phone, they can now receive information regarding their airline tickets as well as hotel and rental car reservations with confidence. The consumer’s itinerary containing full activity details and confirmation numbers is automatically sent to the cell phone. CellTrust WALLET proactively monitors for flight delays, gate changes, and cancellations, and real-time notifications are sent as these changes occur.

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