Enhancements in Deep Six DS200 anti-spam appliance

Deep Six Technologies announced a series of enhancements to its DS200 anti-spam appliance. The new features dramatically improve product functionality, performance, usability and security.

The Deep Six DS200 anti-spam appliance utilizes an approach that is unique among competitors. Its patent-pending technology stops spam at the source before it enters corporate networks by using highly effective algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques that anticipate spam at the connection level, and deny access. Traditional approaches allow spam onto mail servers, and then scan its content using keywords, rules, or statistical methods.

The newly announced DS200 software upgrade includes the following key features:

-New Updated Filter Matrix: which provides enhanced spam filtering, improves false positive performance, and also includes general filter efficiency enhancements.

-DNS Load Statistics: which deliver valuable information for expediting the troubleshooting of capacity and configuration issues.

-Quick Reject Option: which allows for instructing the filter engine to halt address testing once it is known that a given connection will be rejected. This provides improved filtering capacity by not performing full tests on all connections.

-Test Address Facility: which enables the administrator to test a specific address in real-time.

-Simplified Configuration: enables initial setup and configuration to be performed over the network, rather than requiring serial cables.

-New GUI Administration Capability: Offers a graphical environment to configure certain heavily used aspects of the DS200 appliance, including: white lists; black lists; address testing; and backup/restore configuration. The new GUI application is available in a web-based applet hosted by the DS200 device, or via a stand alone multi-platform J2SE Java client.

-Backup/Restore Device Configuration: New backup and restore operations are available through the new GUI interface to permit increased ease of management of multi-device installations, disaster recovery, and list management functions.

-Filter Selection Menu. Allows administrators to select the filter revision to be used by their device, providing precise control over when devices migrate to a new filter revision or revert back to prior filter versions.

The enhanced DS200 software, available effective immediately, is provided free to new and existing customers, and can be accessed via the convenient web update feature resident on the appliance. Each new feature can be activated individually by the administrator as needed.

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