Info on the new StrongBox TapeSentry encryption appliance

Crossroads Systems announced its early adopter program for their’ StrongBox TapeSentry solution, a new tape encryption appliance designed to protect data stored on tapes in the event of theft and loss.

Crossroads’ TapeSentry appliance delivers maximum security to stored data on tape media. As a high-performance, enterprise-class appliance, TapeSentry provides front-side compression and robust encryption at wire-level speed. Additionally, TapeSentry has zero impact on an organization’s network, server or existing backup infrastructure. TapeSentry provides industry-standard encryption algorithms, crypto-signed logging and robust key management to satisfy regulatory requirements and protect stored data from unauthorized data access or theft.

Crossroads’ TapeSentry data encryption appliance features include:

Non-Intrusive and High Performance

” Multi-streaming for LTO3 performance drives
” Front side, high performance compression
” 4 port, 4 Gig FC connectivity
” No server overhead, wire-level speed

Complete Data Security

” AES 256 encryption algorithm
” Role-based user management
” Audit log of key activities
” Crossroads Patented Access Controls

Robust Key Management

” Key lifecycle management
” Complete key security
” Secure key storage, distribution and recovery

Industry-Leading Interoperability

” Supports heterogeneous tape environment
” Seamless integration with backup apps, tape drives, libraries, operating systems

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