Wi-Fi presents treasure trove for ID thieves

TraceSecurity CTO has demonstrated how ID thieves can imitate Wi-Fi services and lure unsuspecting consumers into an ID theft nightmare. During today’s broadcast of NBC’s TODAY show, Jim Stickley demonstrated how Wi-Fi at a hotel can present the perfect bait for ID thieves. The purpose of the segment was to demonstrate how an ID thief could offer their own Wi-Fi service from within a hotel and lure unsuspecting guests into using their Wi-Fi service. Once the guest logged onto the ID thief’s Wi-Fi service, the thief would be able to gain access to the guest’s laptop, Internet communications as well as their company’s network if they were trying to gain access to it.

“Wi-Fi connections are just another sweet spot for ID thieves to exploit and gain access to personally identifiable information, or worse yet, access to a company’s network should the individual try to use Wi-Fi to gain that access,” said Jim Stickley, CTO and co-founder of TraceSecurity. “Identity theft and cyber spying scams are becoming too commonplace during our lifetime, so it’s important to remind the public just how guarded they need to be when it comes to protecting not only their personal information but also their employer’s data, too.”

To watch the ongoing series on identity theft and cyber spying scams, as seen on NBC’s Today Show, please visit NBC’s TODAY show site. To watch the Wi-Fi segment on today’s broadcast, please click on the screen “Dangers of wi-fi” at the following URL: .

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