Secure Windows Vista compatible flash drive

EDGE Tech Corp announced the release of its DiskGO Secure Flash Drive Enhanced for ReadyBoost. This flash drive is the first in its market to offer secure, password-protected encryption software that is compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. Couple this compatibility with the speed and reliability of EDGE flash drives, and you have an all-in-one, sleek drive guaranteed to see you through your Windows Vista upgrade transition and beyond.

ReadyBoost is a new Windows Vista feature that uses flash memory to increase system performance. It allows hard drive data to be cached onto a flash drive, that, in turn, enhances system performance by speeding up processes and programs normally run on the hard drive alone. The drive features Vista-compatible Cryptarchiver software, which enables the user to choose between 448-bit Blowfish encryption and the government standard AES 256-bit encryption, both of which protect valuable data in storage.

“As more Windows users transition to Windows Vista, the demand for compatible products will soar,” said EDGE Tech Corp president, Jeff Thompson. “There are plenty of ReadyBoost-enhanced drives on the market, but none with compatible security software. EDGE is proud to be the first company to offer Vista compatibility with the security that our customers need.”

Specially designed to enhance memory and speed while offering the strongest security options, the DiskGO Secure Flash Drive Enhanced for ReadyBoost is now available in capacities ranging from 1GB at $27 to 4GB at $65.

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