Extreme Networks further enhances network security for the wired and wireless edge

Extreme Networks announced that it is providing enterprise customers with integrated network security functionality for its Sentriant security solutions that extends to wired and wireless enterprise networks.

To assist enterprises in creating a holistic security approach, Extreme Networks has extended the pervasiveness of LAN security for wired and wireless networks and network connected devices with its Sentriant family of security solutions. The Summit WM 200/2000 controllers have been enhanced to allow the Sentriant threat mitigation appliance, a leading solution for threat containment and remediation, to monitor wireless connections. The Sentriant AG, a leading-edge NAC solution that integrates with Extreme Networks Summit and BlackDiamond switches and the Summit WM wireless LAN controllers, has also been enhanced to help enforce enterprise wireless security policies before a wireless device is admitted to the network.

Working in conjunction with the Summit WM 200/2000 series wireless LAN controllers, the Sentriant threat mitigation appliance can monitor behavior and mitigate threats from endpoints that are connected over the wireless LAN. This extends protection for traffic coming from both wired and wireless LAN clients. The Sentriant threat mitigation appliance monitors suspicious behavior and implements security policies to block traffic from potentially harmful clients.

As part of a new suite of wireless security policy checks, Extreme Networks Sentriant AG can now detect several endpoint security threats including whether a device is connected through a foreign, non-allowed SSID, not configured with appropriate enterprise-grade wireless encryption, or using bridged wired and wireless connections which could allow insecure traffic to leak into the enterprise network. If any of these conditions are detected Sentriant AG can quarantine the device to prevent or limit its level of network access.

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