Securely delete personal and sensitive data under Windows Vista

German based O&O Software released the new O&O SafeErase 3 for Windows Vista. It is now possible to securely delete personal and sensitive data under Windows Vista – quickly and simply. O&O SafeErase 3 also supports all current Windows versions and integrates itself seamlessly into Windows Explorer. In addition, a new assistant has been developed. This makes secure data deletion easy even for new computer users – and only through secure deletion can data be truly protected from theft.

The new O&O SafeErase Assistant allows the user to select from various deletion procedures, including deletion of files, directories, as well as entire partitions or hard disks. Should the computer or hard disk be sold on or given away, the unique O&O TotalErase can delete an entire computer’s data, with no need for a Start CD or diskette. The system partition is also fully deleted, so that no trace of any data is left on the machine whatsoever.

The most important features at a glance:

– Secure deletion of files, directories, recycle bin and partitions
– New O&O-SafeErase Assistant offers step-by-step guidance
– O&O TotalErase for secure deletion of an entire system
– Secure deletion of free disk space including Cluster-Tips
– Five methods for secure data deletion
– Detailed deletion protocol forms a record of deleted data
– Supports numerous current Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista (32 and 64-Bit)

O&O SafeErase 3 is compatible with all current Windows operating systems

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