Updated virtual appliance for email security and data loss prevention

Proofpoint introduced a new version of the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition that integrates Proofpoint’s Secure Messaging encryption module, in addition to all of the other features and functionality of Proofpoint 5. The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition is the first virtual appliance to combine email security, data loss prevention and secure messaging capabilities on a unified architecture for VMware environments.

Powered by Proofpoint 5’s new unified appliance architecture, the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition delivers powerful administration features, advanced data loss prevention capabilities and high-performance protection against message-borne threats. The new version includes full integration of powerful, policy-based encryption features with the Proofpoint Secure Messaging module.

Customers who deploy the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition are now able to realize the benefits that Proofpoint 5 provides, coupled with the benefits of virtualization, such as cost savings, rapid deployment and provisioning, simplified change management and easy backup and disaster recovery.

All of the benefits of virtualization can be realized with Proofpoint’s virtual appliance including:

— Cost savings related to infrastructure simplification: Reduced hardware, power, cooling and space requirements.

— Reliability, backup and disaster recovery: Snapshots of an entire environment can be easily taken and restored at any time, leveraging VMware infrastructure management tools.

— Deployment and scalability: New virtual servers can be rapidly deployed on existing hardware. Proofpoint’s optimal horizontal scalability architecture allows new virtual appliances to be provisioned in minutes to address changing email requirements. Any number of virtual agent appliances can be deployed at zero incremental cost.

— Change management: New versions and configuration changes can be tested in a zero-risk environment using a snapshot of the production environment.

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