Prevx upgrades its enterprise-class anti-malware tool

Prevx announced the availability of Prevx 2.0 for enterprises, small and medium businesses and consumers. Prevx 2.0 enables users to manage IT security from a position of knowledge. Its end-point security agent offers protection against malware attacks while recording the presence, execution and behavior of software on each and every system in an organization. Prevx’s insight allows CIOs, chief security officers (CSOs) and those responsible for risk management to see clearly what threatens their information security and business integrity. Additional information is available at the Prevx web site.

The Prevx 2.0 agent incorporates five proprietary and two industry-standard signature technologies, enabling it to protect against both unique and common threats. If an agent identifies a program for the first time, it examines the program to determine its potential behavior if it is allowed to run. Only after this information has been assimilated and assessed will the program be allowed to execute. Even then its behavior will be closely monitored and reported for further review by our automated malware research facilities which identify more than 6,000 new malicious objects every day.

At the heart of Prevx 2.0 is the Community Watch Architecture, which has the capability to monitor hundreds of millions of PCs in real time while providing a centralized view of software behavior. Larger customers, Internet Service Providers, System Integrators, OEM Partners and Managed Service Providers can operate an in-house community supporting any number of PCs. The architecture is built on a federated server concept offering linear scalability and tiny costs per supported PC. In-house operations can also be peered with each other or with Prevx’s own web based application service to provide shared protection.
Prevx is recruiting third party distribution channels for Prevx 2.0 and has a wide range of offerings including value added programs that allow Prevx 2.0 to be run by existing customers of Symantec, McAfee, Computer Associates and Trend Micro alongside their existing products, thereby giving them the control, visibility and protection that they need, without adding significantly to their existing license fees.

Prevx 2.0 has completed an extensive beta test on several thousand PCs including compatibility tests covering more than 50 alternative security products. It is designed for use with all mainstream Windows and Vista environments. Windows XP, Win2000 and 2003 environments are available today. Vista versions are also available for download and beta trial.

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