New gateway-to-endpoint products from Trend Micro

Trend Micro announced two new gateway-to-endpoint product suites — NeatSuite Standard, for medium-sized business customers, and NeatSuite Advanced, for enterprise customers. Both solutions benefit from the Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy, with multilayered, multi-threat protection providing a gateway-to-endpoint defense against new and evolving threats. Now also including the new Trend Micro Web reputation technology, NeatSuite Standard and NeatSuite Advanced provide customers proactive protection against Web-based attacks, viruses, spam, spyware and other malware.

For medium-sized businesses, NeatSuite Standard helps reduce administrative overheads through central management, simplified deployment and security policy creation. The solution offers an all-in-one gateway security approach through Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall. NeatSuite Advanced, for larger enterprise businesses, includes the enterprise-class scalability and gateway performance of InterScan Messaging Security Suite and InterScan Web Security Suite, and the same centralized management and enterprise-wide reporting, through Trend Micro Control Manager. This enables customers to effectively manage and protect large, multi-site networks. NeatSuite Advanced also features extensive configuration options for flexibility and granular control of security policy setting.

Comprising fully integrated products that provide protection at multiple protection points, NeatSuite Standard and NeatSuite Advanced enable solid defense from multiple threats and propagation vectors in a single package. Protection from difficult to identify threats is provided through a combination of technologies and seamless collaboration between the component products.

NeatSuite Standard and NeatSuite Advanced are available immediately. For NeatSuite Standard, pricing starts at $64.69 per user, for 100 users and for NeatSuite Advanced, pricing starts at $70.43 per user, for 100 users.

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