HTTPS/SSL content filtering for SMB and education

Cymphonix announced the upcoming availability of Network Composer Version 8, the latest release of its award-winning secure web gateway appliance. The latest firmware introduces the ability to filter HTTP traffic over SSL connections, commonly referred to as HTTPS, as well as layer 7 and dynamic content analysis for blocking anonymous proxy activity – allowing administrators to take full control over Internet traffic.

Network Composer addresses both web browsing content and Internet application activity to ensure resources are available for mission critical traffic. With Network Composer’s new Full HTTPS Content Filtering feature, even secure web content is subject to filtering policies. Its Anonymous Proxy Guard feature has also been enhanced to block anonymous proxies, even if they’re implemented over HTTPS connections. In addition, any spyware content hidden within HTTPS connections will be blocked. These three features provide administrators with the tools to easily apply usage policies to both secure and unsecure traffic.

Because Network Composer Version 8 can fully inspect HTTPS traffic, it also includes reporting on HTTPS browsing activity by user, and the ability to limit or prioritize streaming media traveling over an HTTPS connection. These additional features give administrators the visibility and control they need over secure web traffic — so they can prioritize resources for critical traffic and limit liability from Internet connection abuse.

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