Uniloc security platform leverages power of Oracle Database 11g

Uniloc USA announced interoperability of the company’s flagship product lines, softANCHOR and netANCHOR, with Oracle Database 11g. Leveraging Oracle, the number one provider of secure and reliable database technologies, Uniloc now brings powerful business analytics and new features, including Oracle Fast Files, Oracle Audit Vault and enhanced passwords, to customers demanding the industry’s best network security and software copy protection solutions available.

Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR allow organizations to use Oracle Database 11g as the backend database, raising the business intelligence bar for Uniloc users in need of strong analytics to drive powerful reporting from the data available through Uniloc security solutions. The enhanced developer productivity tools allow Uniloc to rapidly port the company’s existing data infrastructures from Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. The power and security of Oracle Database 11g not only helps increase the speed and reliability of the Uniloc platforms, but also provides Uniloc customers with greater integration opportunities for a better overall picture of the environments they are managing.

Oracle’s tradition of excellence continues with Oracle Database 11g, helping independent software vendors like Uniloc provide its users with technology that satisfies the critical need for detailed and timely business analytics. With Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR now compatible with Oracle Database 11g, the combined solution also enables substantially increased overall performance and provides support for Web2.0 and integrated XML processing, which should result in greater adoption of Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR within customer infrastructures.

As a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and the Oracle Database 11g beta program, Uniloc successfully tested both softANCHOR and netANCHOR software and network security suites on Oracle Database 11g. The new and enhanced capabilities of Oracle Database 11g provide Uniloc’s software packages with significant efficiencies in terms of deployment, integration and performance, delivering a variety of enhancements and support that will result in greater interoperability with technologies in any environment Uniloc’s products are used in.

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