New web security and web filtering solutions for small businesses

GFI Software announced the release of the latest version of GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server, a solution that gives administrators comprehensive control over corporate web usage and what employees are downloading from the Internet. GFI WebMonitor 4 boosts employee productivity and increases security whilst maintaining optimum use of the Internet as a business tool.

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server is available in three editions, offering administrators a specific or holistic web management solution. These are the WebFilter Edition, the WebSecurity Edition and the UnifiedProtection Edition, a suite that delivers a secure browsing experience through the use of multiple anti-virus engines, increases productivity through the WebGrade URL Filter and drives implementation of user web policies through granular download control policies.
WebFilter Edition

The WebFilter Edition of GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server comes with WebGrade, a 100 percent human-reviewed site categorization database and web filtering technology that gives administrators control over what sites users can browse and block access to websites in particular categories, such as adult, online gaming, P2P and travel websites. The WebFilter Edition permits real-time web monitoring of all corporate web activity and also bandwidth monitoring. Administrators are also able to proactively enforce company policy on a per-user basis to filter out unwanted web usage.
WebSecurity Edition

The WebSecurity Edition provides the tools needed to create download control policies and monitor what files employees are downloading from the web and to block particular file-types such as mp3s. GFI WebMonitor also uses multiple virus scanners to scan every file that is downloaded; this drastically decreases the time to obtain virus signatures, thereby reducing the possibility of infection.
The WebSecurity Edition also reduces the potential risks of social engineering by blocking access to phishing websites through the use of an auto-updatable database of phishing URLs. In so doing administrators are also lowering the risk of data-leakage from within the company.
UnifiedProtection Edition

Other features common to both editions include monitoring of which websites users are browsing and what files are being downloaded; monitoring and blocking of those applications that connect to their home pages to download updates; the ability to track download and upload traffic and URL hits over time; allow exceptions through the use of whitelists and blacklists; and controlled access to the configuration and monitoring interfaces.

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