Almost 90% of mail received by companies in August was spam

According to data compiled by TrustLayer Mail, the managed security service from Panda Security, 87.49 percent of email that reached companies in August was spam. This data concurs with observations from previous months, where spam percentages have also been around 90 percent.

“Junk mail has become a damaging plague for companies, who suffer the serious effects of lost productivity, and an unnecessary drain on networked resources”, confirms Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs.

In terms of spam messages infected by malicious code, once again the Netsky.P worm was the most frequently detected culprit. Similarly, there was a significant number of emails containing downloader Trojans, that is, those designed to download malware onto computers.

“The majority of infected messages detected by our solution contained email worms. This type of malicious code is extremely damaging to companies, as it can saturate corporate servers”, says Corrons.

The Panda Security service ensures that threats arriving via email will be blocked before they reach companies’ mailboxes and guarantees -with an SLA- that email will be 100% virus-free.

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